Friday, February 07, 2014


its been a while since i wrote something here. 
yes, i've been busy with my lie as a student.
i have no time to write anymore. but i guess now i must start to write back.
my blog is where i wrote everything since years ago.
i will never stop writing.

i know i wrote things that sometimes means nothing to the people out there
but it means a lot to me.
this is where i will go to when i need to go back to read on my past
i know i will grow old and miss my past
this is where im gonna go.

hello blog
i miss you.

btw, its been a week now since my trip to langkawi with Adil and his family
it was a blast
i had so much fun
thankyou Adil and family
1st time to langkawi
i know, lame.
we went island hopping, shopping and the food there was amazing!
the beach, the sand, the sea

gosh. so beautiful.
again thankyou baby.

ps: i really had a good time with family. :)

Friday, September 06, 2013

2nd Anniversary.

is the date
two years together, and i still get butterflies whenever i sees him.
this is what Love is all about huh?
take care baby, i will wait for you here


Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Jessie J and Vince Kidd!!

ni lagi satu.
apa nak x suka?

Raisa Andriana

i love her.
the voice
the style
the hair
what not to love?
my lesbo crush.

Monday, September 02, 2013


im so happy for you Aiza.
she is a friend that i know, would be there for me if i need her.
and i really love the colour of the baju kawin!!

thankyou Acap sebab jadi teman aku hari tu.
we are a team. Geng "HAI AWAK"
Dahlia and Adil doa semoga Aiza dan suami bahagia selalu, and dapat anak cepat2.

Boyce Avenue

what not to like them.
i love them!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Brown sugar

can i have this?
so sweet!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


it was never easy.
seeing him there and here
then back there
it was never easy to watch him leave
i always cry at the airport

because this is the first time that actually fallen in love
the 1st time.
i never felt this with anyone before.
and t tell you the truth,
he is always the one.
it was meant to be.
from Heaven


baby, i will be here waiting for you.
when you come back, we could go to mizi again.
i have this craving for london fish and chips. 
ouhh, and udang lipan goreng tepung with telur masin at lobster village.

*food is my middle name and eating is my favorite thing to do.
but you, Syed Adil Amzar, you are my life.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


lets list down thing that i've done so far in my whole life.
DIY stuff.

* Knitted headband
* Knitted slippers
* Knitted beanie hat
* Tie dye tee (a lot)
* Bleach tie dye
* Galaxy shoes (a lot)
* Filofax (i cut out file and turn it into a filofax)

baking stuff

*chicken pie
* apple pie
* chocolate fudge
* butter cake
* banana cake
* butterscotch cake 
 * chocolate chips cookies
* mocha cookies
* butter cookies
* carrot cake with cream cheese

i should try some other things.
like making bags or something