Friday, October 31, 2008

something you should know.....

Ok..since I'm new here, I think I should tell something about me rigth..hmm..where should i start..ok2..

this is me!!

i go with the name lia..i am currently live in Penang..its a nice city btw..;) I'm 7teen this year..getting old every minute huh..*sigh..

ok wanna have a peek at my big2 family...

here they are!!

btw this is just half of it..another half from my mum side are not here..:( third from the left is DAHLIA

im really fat!! ithink im fat laa..not THAT fat but fat..haha! anyway, im always day dreaming..about everthing papa actlly nak letak my name Tatyana but my ibu plak ank letak nama Sofia..ttbe Dahlia muncul..tah lia pun x pham..hehe..nasib baik nama jd Dahlia kan, kalua x sure nama jd sofia yg mmg ramai ada nama tuu..but Dahlia nie a bit rare la..;)

ohh..lupa ank cerita pasai my big sista n lil sister is 20 years OLD and my lil bro is 12..kami agak rapat laa...walaupun kami slalu gado but the relationship really getting closer and closer each day!luv them so so much!! *mmuuaaah!

this is Iskandar,my lil bro!

this is my sista, Suraya..

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