Sunday, November 30, 2008

something about us!

this is me and Nadia..basically she is my best friend! ever! n forever!

so..about this girl, i know her since form 2 i think..but same class when form 4..n form 5..since form4 she is my best friend..everywhere with her..we even talk about everything! her till death! hope no more gado between us..

love to talk more but a bit be continue!!!


Mirrul said...

tak sombong pun.
*mestilah aku menidakkan*

Terima Kaseh ling aku wey.
nnt aku ling balik.
Happy holiday!

Aiza Jeniza said...

yeye..sayang dali & nadi!
eyy nih link bru

nnti tukar taw