Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hate u!!!

OMG!! im just so messed up right now..that stupid ugly fat asst.manager is back and keep on yelling at me for no reason..argh!!
what is wrong with him? wat did i do that make him so mad at me..i didnt do anything that pissed him off..i dont..SUMPAH! but y he keep doing like this..BABI! kojaq betoi! i have to faced him everyday now..now i hate my job..no! i love it but i just hate the situation when he keep asking me to do everything and he keep acting like a boss when BOSS isnt around..citt! i tired laa..feel like quiting!~
but!! no..i must be strong! u noe wat? last night, i felt like crying at work when he said such words to me..(sad) i am so good..i do everything..EVERYTHING! but he just hate me so much!i really fed up..i need my friends..i need a hug..telling me that its gonna be ok..i really need it..where are u guys when i need you..(T.T)
well this is life right? im not gonna said anything anymore..to my friends, i love u guys and hope our plans to go picnic menjadi laa..coz i need a day off from the real world! my migrain is back! dah lama x dak..now ada balik..i kena p jmpa doctor la..mintak ubat..now, panadol la jwapan nya..hope it works! bye for now..

p/s: dont be suprise when im not there when u needed me..i maybe gone forever! a.k.a R.I.P

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