Thursday, June 11, 2009

my eyes!!!!

ok..about my eyes..acctly, i am not suppose to touch any types of animals that have fur on their skin!
because im alergic to them..
such as:hamster,cats,rat,...and the list go on and on... sis own this 2 most cute mini hamster..
so..last nite, i look at their cute fluffy fur n cute eyes..
all sudden,my lips kiss them..
no..big mistake!!
then without washing my hands..
i went straight to bed..
so i start to scratch here n eys n nose..hands..legs..
in the morning,i cant open my eyes..
i wonder why..
so i look in the mirror..
*heart attack!!!*

i look like a fish!! like a FISH!!!
my eye bag bengkak..
i cant go out of my house looking like a fish!
so papa bought me eye drops..
3 times a day~~
"Dahlia,no more kissing that hamster!ok?"

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