Thursday, June 25, 2009

they got some talent do they...

well, on youtube there are some people who really caught my eyes..
with their singing..
they acctually got some talent..
i really adore them..
*hchsknights08 *
now, this girl really,really good!! all of her cover songs are better then the original*siyesly!
*hoyKelsey *
i love her cover beautiful suprise and officially missing you~
her name is Zee Avi,nice name,nice girl,nice voice,great talent! MALAYSIAN! Done!
*yoranespea *
now, these girls are just adorable! great voice to0..
name:ERIKA DAVID. love her voice and style! ^^

so people, click2 on these link ok? you be suprise with their talent! peace!
ps:i am so sorry if you can't hear good music! ;)

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