Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cupid-me love!

there is a tv series called CUPID every Tuesday on 8TV.
the story really melt me down..
like melt-melt!!
This gonna be my addicition!
the love story are awsome!
dose that kinda love is real?
like i love u for who you matter wt are u..
wat u u eat!
the love story in this cupid tv series really make me cry!
i think im getting more and more in love with tv la!
*jd balik miss TV!
gudbye internet, heloo TV!!


adamLUBA said...

hurmm..sound interesting..
i agak addict ngn citer2 yang bersiri nih..klu ini nak kena p cari kt batu feringgie ni..

pss..tak best siappp kamo!

Dahlia said...

ha?? batu feringgie??
ehh! best u!! x tpo!!!
cita very sweet!!

Charymien said...

i love this show! hehe :D

Dahlia said...

kan? best kan!!
hehe! adam x percaya!