Friday, August 07, 2009

Just another lonely night

*lagu di telinga-wonderwall-oasis*
I always think about a lot of when im going to study..will i get it? can i make it? can i do this? do that? is getting hard..and im getting weak..well my family always bz with work..and sometimes i need them but i dont get what i want..

ok..this is not why im blogging kinda sad since my dad is leaving the house, for Langkawi..gosh the house gonna be so..i dont know..gloomy? sad? boring? gosh, im gonna miss him badly..i love u come back with some chocolates please? And have fun gonna take care mom,lil bro and you ask me to..i love u!! ;(
i dont know why im getting every emotional..hmm..well tomorrow we will get up early,wave bye2 to him..goshh!! miss u already! *papa still in his room, infront of his computer

im getting fat..did i told you guys yet? now im not eating any rice,no more nasi kandar la weyy..damn! im gonna miss that too.yeahh..time raya i wanna look extra skinny..hope i can!

ehh? i wanna tell something..i had a friend name Jbart..HAD! well everything end up miss him..since he really understand me..and we had gonna miss him..but i know he will have a happy life without me..take care jbart :-&

since Taufik also away from getting all emotional everyday..i miss u la..please come home like penang la not my home! haha..i just cant stand to face the world without you..yeah i even had some fight with my lil brother..but i always end up crying..he pukul me ok! damn! i wish i can done the same..but as a sister,big 1 to0! i cant..i really love my lil bro but he really annoyed me! haha! please dont ever u kick me again or else! *making the The Rock signature!

well, i dont know why i miss Nadia,Aiza,Man,Rafik..and others for no reason..when im with them i really enjoyed it! like the feeling save,happy its there..;) i need a hug i think!

At first i thought of asking a friend of mine so hang out sometimes since his around but i can see that he is buzy..with him new life..and i dont wanna be rude to ask him to hang uot since he is buzy right? but i wanted to meet him..;( sad kes again!

everything fall apart now..i need a glue! maybe the 3 second glue might work huh?

happy birthday to chai,6.08.91..well all 18 now huh? gud luck in life yeahh!

im getting my hair cut again..if you wanna know,everytimes i get all emo..i cut my hair..;)

im also a freak! teh ais freak! music freak! now? guitar geek freak!! guitar hero nya ps2 cd rosak! damn! ada rock band..but i suka guitar hero more! goshh!! and ada guitar controller! so ada feel! lil bro x ley nak buat the guitar spinning stuff!! nnt rosak..i xde duit maw ganti..;(

and Man ajak p hope jadi coz i cant stand life right full of hate! yeahh! thats the word! hate!

ps:i really dont know what i,please do not read! TQ..
ps:the warning is wayy basicly i want you to read and get all....wat felling huh? see im so blurr again!



Aiza Jeniza said...

alalaala.. jgnla sedih! esok kita nk kuar kan? hehehe!

Dahlia said...


MiSs aNySs said...

u mcm i lah! emo2 cut rmbut! br ja td psal result exam not tht good. stupid me.

Dahlia said...

wahh! ada jugak org mcm i!