Monday, September 14, 2009

still finding myself

some people they already know who they want to be..
well not me..
im still so blurr with my whole life..who i want to be?
what are my ambitions?
where i want to work?
how i want to make sure im going to love what i am in the future..
will i be someone i am going to love..
all i know..
i really open minded person,i love photography,i love music,i love poems,i love pictures.i love to blog,i love to tell stories,i also love to sing,i enjoyed myself reading sometimes depends to the book or what im reading..
now,this is going to be a fun ride.
im going to find who am i..
the real Dahlia inside..


i may look like a 'don't care,don't mind' kinda person..but i am acctually..
i also hate people who always 'judge a book bt its cover'..
yeahh i think people who always trying to be someone else is a total fake!
they are not plastic,but mirrors!
there are a few people who keeps on talking about the other know, like i dont like him/her..she/he so that and this..please just get over it..the other person did..



MiSs aNySs said...

amek la art perfomances dali! bakat ada. muka pown cntk dh! sebok jer i nie~

Topet Hidayat said...

uik... i u tot u have figure dis thing out... ayoo... ok ok... what i can say is... u have to identify what is hobby n what is talent...

mcm b... hobby b suka baca/tgk pasal planet2... i tot b nak jd astronomer tp b tau b tak seswai....

what im trying to say is... sometime we love watch, or hear the things dat we love... but still... kalo kita plak yg wat kita jd semacam.... b ckp mcm indu nihh... taktau laa sapa leh paam... ahakss!!!

p/s: gudluck syg.... i will always by ur side... muaaahhhh!!!