Saturday, October 17, 2009

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

it is a very GROOL movie!! (Great+cool)
can i watch it one more time..
this time with 3D!!
there are no 3d at Jucso Perda
too bad! but still i went home with a great smile!
i'll bet the book are so much better!


Athirah Ahmad said...

haha..i tak dapat tgk lagi.anyway,i like your blog.penuh gamba..muka you comel.haha

Athirah Ahmad said...

really?i tk dpt tgk lg.neway,i suka blog you :)

SuRaYa said...

naseb baik masa tgok ni x lapar -_-

Dahlia said...

thanks beb!! :) teruskan singgah my blog k??

sebab kita dah mkn! hahaha

firdausMohamad said...