Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everything NEW!!


since i always wanted a new life.
well,in two weeks everything gonna be new for sure!
*two weeks is like 2 days for me*

i cut my hair.
well not actually CUT
but just cut 1 inch of my hair tip
since my hair HAD lots of split ends
*takut potong rambut*

so now
new hair
new Other Half
new friends
new Dahlia
i never gonna forget
Old Friends
old life
old me
old you
*ok dah start merapu*

ps: gonna be missing everything OLD :)


t h e a f i q said...

n new town, alor gajah, hahahaha

selamat datang ke alor gajah :)

enyheartsdiamond said...

babe..lama x visit u ;))

c-boz00 said...

way to go girl
i kno u can do it..

Dahlia said...

:) kena belaja loghat sana laa..:P
afiq je la ajarkan..elmi mahai! :P haha.

helo!! lama x nmpk u! xpa..:)

yeahh!!! tq bozoo!

t h e a f i q said...

elmi tu mencekik name ny haha, bkn loghat je, kalo nk tau pape info pon afiq leh betau, haha, kalo nk lepak nti roger2 la, haha