Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Moon -The other version-

New Moon
well everyone know that Bella, will do anything to make sure Edward is there for her.
ride the motorbike, jump down the cliff, and do stupid stuff like ride a motorbike with a stranger..
just because she wanted Edward to be there with her.
*mcm superman, always there to save his women*
back to New Moon,
Bella love Edward like so much,
and willing to do anything
ANYTHING for Edward

But Jacob?
well after using him as a replacement of Edward for a few..MONTH!
Bella and Edward are back together and poor Jacob.
The sweet,hot,cute Jacob..
he loves Bella..but Bella? using him like that? how stupid are you Bella.
but love is blind right?
so i cant comment about that..

But the Other version i was talking about is this one,
Bella decided to choose Jacob.
whatever happens,
She gonna choose Jacob
because Edward,
hurt her so deep.
left her hopeless,
cant eat,
or even think.
so now..
Bella? dont even think about Edward!
Jacob is all Bella need..


t h e a f i q said...

mcm bese dgr je versi tu, haha

Mohd Muzamel Zainal said...

tu la.. mcm pernah dgr:)

Arief Arf said...

kalau version tu,
maknanye kejap je dah habis la twilight saga tu.
xde la sambungan dah.


naddy said...

terlalu awl untuk ade penganti baru kot..but who knows..lain org lain cara untuk melupakan sesuatu..