Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Im Dead

Dunia Terlalu Kejam
aku mati

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tirah watif said...


been wonder these day, i know that i'm an outsider, but as a muslim, i care bout others. especially someone that i always read their story about.

kenapa dahlia? macam ada sesuatu yang mengganggu.

no need to tell me, i know you wouldn't like too rite?


but, sy cuma nak berpesan, andai kata hati tu gundah, cari sesuatu untuk buat anda cries out. it would be better after that.

easier to said, but hard to face it. but you must do, and too, if not to day, benda ni akan melarat. dan akan terus melarat.

it would effect you more dear.

saya nak tengok dahlia yg dulu.
yg selalu post entri yang gila kachak! =)

and i will wait until dat day comes out.

p/s : chill ok? =D