Monday, July 19, 2010

just another liar

*this smile is for you my big big liar*

for once, do you ever tell me the truth?
just once im asking.
well, hello everyone. How are you?
its been a while since my last post about myself.
I'm doing ok here, in UiTM Melaka.
second sem was a lil hectic.
regarding the tittle above, i am saying to all the liars in my life,
please stop making my life miserable.
yes you, and you.
you are someone important, and still is.
so please, make me happy with you again.
start over.
be great friends.
I'm not gonna negative with what happen.
life must go on.
thanks to you, always be right next to me.
i miss everyone now, and i am officially homesick.

1 comment:

g_pentium said...

wow....malacca is kewl place nuttin beats ur own hometown,,,,well malacca is my hometown,,,give a buzz will ya....lets meet up