Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bz as a Bee

thats all i can say now
everything is upside down
a beg of assignments have to be done
before next week!
but i have to waste my 3 days with camping trip
tired man.
i cant lie.
not enough sleep and rest
but thank god i still manage to stand and walk, talk, run, etc.
i need tons of rest please.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hati yang kau sakiti

ku menangis membayangkan
betapa kejamnya dirimu atas diriku
kau duakan cinta ini
kau pergi bersamanya

ku menangis melepaskan
kepergian dirimu dari sisi hidupku
harus slalu kau tahu
aku lah hati yang telah kau sakiti

*i cried everytime i listen to this song*

maaf, mood sekarang tak stabil.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i cant live without

I Can't live without:
(papa,ibu, sue and iskandar)
(all of you :) )

My Phone
(tech yg membolekan aku contact dengan semua)
my lappy
(mcm mana nak hidup kalau tak ada)

my blog
(diary aku)

(Bantal busuk aku)

Kad ATM aku
(benda ne amat penting)

(aku kuat makan)
(harap dia kekal selamanya)

but one thing, i know i can live without

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lendu again.

ok. 2 weeks past by.
raya with family in KL and Taiping,
meeting friends (new and old.)
at home with mum, sue and iskandar.
going out every night and day with, *you dont have to know*
everything is just so finee..
now, it is over.
going back to Lendu.
with: Limo.
Date: 19.09.2010
Time: 11pm
mood: Not so Good
message: take care all. study and work smart. i love you all.(family and friends)
ps: please, take care, i mean it.


*i snap this*
BBQ at Aiza's
it was awsome
she really knows how marinate those chicken!
*sumpah sedap gila ok*
jumpa all of my freinds
kereta 1: Eny(Drive), Nana, Anis, Nadi, and Me.
kereta 2: Topet(Driver), Rafik and Man.
jumpa sana: Aiza(Tuan Rumah), Adil, Tasya, Nana, Fariz, kwn Fariz.
mood: happy, tired, full.
thank you everyone

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keanu Reeves??

Date: 18th Sept 2010 (Today)
Time: Around 7pm
Location: At Sugaq
Situation: Was talking with Ibu and Iskandar while watching 'SEPI' on Tv3
During the commercial break, something funny happens
Iskandar: Tadi Is jumpa ppuan ni, lawa. Pakai supra colour kuning pakai baju kaler kuning.
Is x berani nak wink, sebab lawa sgt.
Ibu: Lawa ke? Supra? Mesti anak Orang kaya.
*buat muka bila iskandar kata nak wink*
Iskandar: Ala, tak apa. Is nya GF lagi lawa! taw tak sapa? Hayley Williams la.
Aku: Ha? haha. Kalau GF hang Hayley, Aku dah lama Kawin ngan Gerard Butler.
Ibu: Ibu kawin ngan Keanu Reeves. Eh Brad Pitt. Eh, mana satu?
*Is dan aku hanya gelak.*
Aku: Keanu Reeves la Ibu! Lagi hensem.
Ibu: Sapa Keanu Reeves? (muka pelik)
Aku dan Iskandar: *Muka heran, bukan ke Ibu yang ckp tadi?*
(a few seconds later)
Ibu: Oww.KEANU REEVES!!! (baru ingat)
*Kami gelak macam orang gila*

* can Ibu forgets you, i know i wont :)*

that's my mom, she is crazy and funny. the best mom i could ever had :)
Ps: i you ibu

Hey Jude

i this song too much
very deep
i love every words in this song
hey Jude

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Do:

stuff i must do before back to Lendu.
1#Makan KFC
*Done, twice*

2#Go Forever 21

3#Jumpa kawan kawan

4#Makan oyster goreng kat Gurney

5#Drink Teh Tarik(mamak style)

6#finish my assignments
*i know this wont happen*

7# have my lappy with stickers.

8# Makan Nasi Kandar Penang!!
*a must!*

Makan roti nan cheese with tandoori chicken!

*More to come i think*

Monday, September 13, 2010


What do you know about relationships?
What does it really means?
I might as well as google it right?
So many questions.

But then I know that relationships are important to all human and creature in this world.
I don’t know bout the other world.
In my world, relationship is something that makes us happy, sad, cried and laugh all together.
I’m not talking about the relationships between family and friends now,
but between your lover, soulmates, and some say boy/girlfriends.
I am pretty bad in relationship, I think.
I don’t know why, but my last relationship doesn’t flow that well.
But it’s ok, I guess.
I’m still alive right? I faced those breakups horribly.
I don’t know how much I could stand.
Now, I am total paranoid to even know someone new.
Because I am afraid to fall in love again and end up hurting myself again and again.
But all those heartbreaks, really helps in making myself strong and stronger.
I find out that I am very sensitive and very stupid too.
Thinking about those people who don’t care about me anymore.
But that’s me. I can’t stop my feelings just like that.
Takes time? Yeah. Long one too.
But I’m glad everyone of them are happy with their live now, and we are still friends.
How I wish I could turn back time and just be friends with them, so it hurt less.
Although it’s different now, I really hope I could throw away my feelings, you know?
Born with no feelings.
Now, that’s just great right?

Boys and girls,

I’ve heard a story about this girl, who is madly in love with a person (boy).
They know each other for a few years and a couple for 6-7 years.
Everything is fine till the girl have to be far away with the boy because she has to further her studies. The boy said it was ok, he will try to make things works.
Later, he said that the girl is always busy with her studies till she forgets him.
He distances himself because of that reason.
The girl thinks that the boy just need some time to suit himself in the new situation.
The boy didn’t contact the girl for a few months,
because he said that he needed time to think.
The girl wanted to see him but he didn’t reply.
How the girl hope that the guy will be strong for them.
One day, the girl is back in her hometown and met the boy.
There, he told the girl that he knew a new girl,
a few months ago (2-3 months).
The girl was in shocked.
She brought cake with her since it is the boy birthday.
How her heart hurts and breaks into million pieces. The boy said the new girl was nice.
So what?
You girlfriend is not?
he talks about the girlfriend to the new girl. What do you think?
Of course the new girl will make the girlfriend sounds bad right?
Since she like that boy.
Now the girl is doing fine and worked in a very successful company, while the boy?
He is still like him.
The new girl left because he didn’t have a car or money.
Sad huh?

I don’t understand.
Everytime a girl loves a boy so much, the boy will breaks the girl heart.
And everytime a boy loves a girl so much, the girl will breaks the boy heart.
Weird world I’m living in.

ps: We are just humans. Please have some mercy.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

to everyone.
Selamat Hari Raya
maaf zahir dan batin
maaf jikalau tersalah bahasa.
tersilap kata.
terkasar perbuatan.
harap di ampun kan.
halal kan makan dan minum.
semoga raya tahun ini, penuh dengan kemaafan dan senyuman.
*rindu grampa, rindu dia, rindu semua*
ps: maaf kerana tak dapat raya bersama-sama.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wouldn't Change A Thing

*i love this song*

Like Fire and Rain!
Fire and Rain
You can drive me insane.
Drive me insane.
But I can't stay mad at you for anything
Were Venus and Mars
Venus and Mars
Were like different stars.
Like different stars.
Your the harmony to every song I sing, and I wouldn't change a thing

Friday, September 03, 2010

Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are.
this song is sweet.
i just can't get it out form my head.
thank you.
one of my fav cover.