Monday, September 13, 2010


What do you know about relationships?
What does it really means?
I might as well as google it right?
So many questions.

But then I know that relationships are important to all human and creature in this world.
I don’t know bout the other world.
In my world, relationship is something that makes us happy, sad, cried and laugh all together.
I’m not talking about the relationships between family and friends now,
but between your lover, soulmates, and some say boy/girlfriends.
I am pretty bad in relationship, I think.
I don’t know why, but my last relationship doesn’t flow that well.
But it’s ok, I guess.
I’m still alive right? I faced those breakups horribly.
I don’t know how much I could stand.
Now, I am total paranoid to even know someone new.
Because I am afraid to fall in love again and end up hurting myself again and again.
But all those heartbreaks, really helps in making myself strong and stronger.
I find out that I am very sensitive and very stupid too.
Thinking about those people who don’t care about me anymore.
But that’s me. I can’t stop my feelings just like that.
Takes time? Yeah. Long one too.
But I’m glad everyone of them are happy with their live now, and we are still friends.
How I wish I could turn back time and just be friends with them, so it hurt less.
Although it’s different now, I really hope I could throw away my feelings, you know?
Born with no feelings.
Now, that’s just great right?

Boys and girls,

I’ve heard a story about this girl, who is madly in love with a person (boy).
They know each other for a few years and a couple for 6-7 years.
Everything is fine till the girl have to be far away with the boy because she has to further her studies. The boy said it was ok, he will try to make things works.
Later, he said that the girl is always busy with her studies till she forgets him.
He distances himself because of that reason.
The girl thinks that the boy just need some time to suit himself in the new situation.
The boy didn’t contact the girl for a few months,
because he said that he needed time to think.
The girl wanted to see him but he didn’t reply.
How the girl hope that the guy will be strong for them.
One day, the girl is back in her hometown and met the boy.
There, he told the girl that he knew a new girl,
a few months ago (2-3 months).
The girl was in shocked.
She brought cake with her since it is the boy birthday.
How her heart hurts and breaks into million pieces. The boy said the new girl was nice.
So what?
You girlfriend is not?
he talks about the girlfriend to the new girl. What do you think?
Of course the new girl will make the girlfriend sounds bad right?
Since she like that boy.
Now the girl is doing fine and worked in a very successful company, while the boy?
He is still like him.
The new girl left because he didn’t have a car or money.
Sad huh?

I don’t understand.
Everytime a girl loves a boy so much, the boy will breaks the girl heart.
And everytime a boy loves a girl so much, the girl will breaks the boy heart.
Weird world I’m living in.

ps: We are just humans. Please have some mercy.


ahchOng's said...

i'm only gonna break break break break your hearttt~~

SaY_WeLL said...

Sometimes, people need a button in their life saying "I don't give a fuck".
And born with no feelings? that's just boring.. Trust me.
In our life, There are only Only 3 words that you should know.
"Life Goes On". So move on and find other guy/girl.

aiZAt AvErAgE said...