Sunday, October 10, 2010


i will never forget, the day i met you
when you smile at me when we looked at each other

i will never forget, all the songs you sing.
all the songs we make.

i will never forget, the way u walk, talk.

i will never forget, those sweet talk we had every night.
those words always makes me smile.

i will never regret knowing you in my life.
you are like my guardian angel
always make me feel so safe.

i never ever going to forget your kisses and your hugs.
how much i wish i could have all that everyday.

i will never forget, the day we are at the beach.
telling each other what we want in our life.
what we wish we had.

i never gonna forget you face, smell and
especially your sexy messy hair.
and dont tell me to.
because i know i won't.

ps: Demi Lovato - Don't Forget
pss: maybe forgetting someone is just not my specialties.



Haz said...

^_^" nice song btw~

c-boz00 said...

i will never ever..

Nadia Rahmat said...

still stuck with the memorieS?

Dahlia said...

i wouldn't say stuck. memories are beautiful. i rather say its in me.nice song indeed. yeah. never and ever forget.

Nadia Rahmat said...

yeah memories are always beautiful. just dont let it hurts you much.