Sunday, October 17, 2010

things are better that way, sometimes.

situation, whereby a friend of mine ask me something to do with relationships.
she had a fight with her boyfriend and ask me for advice and my point of view
to be honest, i am not a love doctor
i had issues myself
not doing fine with relationships
still she ask me what do i think about her situation.
ok. this is what i said

what do you feel now?
: sad.

do you miss him?
:of course.

you really wanna see your relationship with him wasted
after all the rough times youguys been through?
:hmmm. but he seem like he didn't care about me anymore.
going out with i dont know who.

come on, i know u guys still love each other, just go fix things ok.
just because of this, you wanna run away and let things ended up with tears.
you will regret it one day.
: i love him but i think he dont love me anymore.
its really hard hearing the love word coming out from his mouth.

actions are louder than words, darling.
: i wanna call him and talk.

*a few hours later.*
:i just love you Dahlia, you are so good in making me put my ego away.

*ps: why i am good in other people relationships, but not myself.
*pss: im happy for all couples out there, dont you give up on your lover because of silly things


g_pentium said...

this is really kewl frm ya...

though nt in luv,bt u have d heart,courage 2 spread n share luv 2 each individual.indirectly dahl u r making this world a better place.
dont wory a person like u always deserve better...feel inspired and motivated everyday,cause u r d flower tat inspire others.

dnt wory dahl.actualy we al share d same shoe.discovering wats luv is,wats life is,wat everyting revolves arnd us..sum tyme we dont realy knaw wat we actualy want!!

at the end of the day,its wat we decide,tat really matters d most.

Huzaifi said...

Yeah, dat makes u as a wonderful gurl to make others heart, beat again...
make others face, smiles again... make others love, rise again...
But ur love is still need to be ur number 1# priority gurl...

Dahlia said...

thank you for the sweet comments guys :)
trying to cheer up now. so many things happen. i need to get both of my feet on the ground back.