Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 1

1# i love coffee
2# i have trust issue
3# i love to flip my hair
4# i love to lick my lips
(even it is not dry)
5# my imaginations are active after 12 am.
6# i love cute pictures at tumblr.
7# is wearing highheels now.
(trying to be good at it)

8# love to shop at F.O.S.
9# i dont know how to stop eating
(im trying to be skinny)
10# i wanna learn how to knit

*ps: i know licking our lips just make it more drier*

1 comment:

g_pentium said...

wats d meaning of dis anyway??day1?
wats wit day 2 den?
i knaw tat u lkye 2 flip ur hair..wink
wat active after 12??serious?cause u drink 2 mch of coffee kot
heels?nice,,kip wobbling den.dnt wear mch bad 4 leg
penang famous 4 eateries so..pindah n come stay in malacca..can reduce eating prob...hehe
on trust..ermm..tats complicated.be patience and access a person carefully,,that shud do it.