Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 3

1#People that talk "TOO loud

2# people who talk when im listening to music
(cant you see im wearing an earphone?)

3# people talking and kicking my sit in the cinema
(you wanna talk? go outside. you kick my sit? i kick your ass.)

4# People who thinks he/she is perfect and knows everything
(i hate people like this)

5# Cough


7# People who dont understand NO, its a NO

8# Texting while im doing something cooler then texting.


Nadia Rahmat said...

miss-know-it-all > how do you explain this? selalunya orang mcm ni ckp psl ape je?

Texting while doing something cooler than texting? what does it mean?

Dahlia Mazelan said...

yala. everytime we wanna tell about something, this person will go like, I know it too and act like they know everything and that totally annoying!
then, when i am bz with other stuff, i have to txt. hate that.

Nadia Rahmat said...

oh.. i see now! (: