Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 7

1# my first love
this love, shows me everything.
taught me everything about love. my first kiss, my first everything is in here.
it was sweet, beautiful and i am happy, we were happy. things change and
we changed. but i will neverever forget this.
my beautiful memories.

2# the accident.
i was in a moto accident. years ago. it was unforgetable because, when i fall,
i saw him running at me, to save me. it was something i cant forget.
it leaves me a scar on my elbow, and beautiful memories.

3# the day i've lost Grampa.
the most saddest thing ever. Grampa is my idol.
he just makes things better and worst at the same time.
he is in my blood. i becoming what i am now, because of him.
he is loud, brave, very cool grampa i ever had.
things are not as the same as it used to when you are not around, grampa.
i miss you.

4# the day i broke my little heart. (badly)
it was last year. it was a huge mistake.
we end up our 4years relationship, just like that.
i end up being this non-stop crying baby.
i cried and cant stop puke back anything i ate for 10 days.
it was crazy.
i never gonna forget that.
because what happen now, always have to do with this.
i am what i am now, because of what happen back then.
*what am i saying? ok bye*

ps: yes. i am complicated

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