Saturday, November 06, 2010


Open Relationships.
what is Open Relationships?
like seriously.
what is open relationships?
is that even a term?
what is it to be OPEN about in relationships?
to me, those status,(open relationship)
are freaking stupid.
there is no such thing as open relationship.

ps: really-really confused.


miya said...

haha, kinda playboy or playgirl thingy kot?

afiq said...

kalo mt saleh, ble dlm opn rltnshp ni diorg bole hv sx dgn org len evn da kawin, tp nthn serius, sex je, sbb nk puaskn nfsu yg ssh sgt nk puas2 tu, haha, sbb tu dlm islm utk yg laki bole kawin 4 :p huehuehue

nonaa nano said...

hahahahha . confused jugaa ni . :?