Monday, November 15, 2010

The Speak-po Dangdut

dont blame us
we are just too bored
mass media did this to us.
i miss u all!

ps: i miss you.


g_pentium said...

ali cafe shud u use it as their ad..cute in a weird way..
and dahl nuff alrdy wit ur hair flickering,promo pantene ker?

specy,hp,dd n lost..
nice name 4 ur all girl music group,,kip it up.uplod in utube..msti hit nyer

♥hani rebecca said...


Dahlia Mazelan said...

youtube? never!! hahaha

becky: me too!

g_pentium said...

ooo...cmon..give it a try..xder nk jadi utube wonder girls ker??

Dahlia Mazelan said...

hahaha! xnak!! :)

g_pentium said...

i knaw u r half famous in fb get famous summore lar...imagine u could end up like zee avi 4 instance...i mean u as a group...speak po,speak po,speak po!!!

~nadieya~ said...

dahlia comel :)

Dahlia Mazelan said...

aww.. thanks syg! :)

neena novella said...

sweet yaww!!!