Tuesday, December 07, 2010

30 day Challenge.(Day 5)

ending my own life?
yes, i was stupid back then.
it was a big mistake.
i was last year. around November
i have a major breakdown with the breakup with my first love.
i ate 10 panadol (s)
but not with coke.
im just not that brave to do such thing.
it really turns out to be nothing.
but i threw up it back since i am bulimic back then.
yo yeah. i am stupid.
it could be death there.
i dont know why i do it.
it just so very stupid.

ps: please dont try it.


g_pentium said...

tats normal dahl...Breaking up is not a silly thing;we al do silly things,instead it makes u a better person n realize ur mistakes.life is full of ups n down...n we learn frm..tats wat define us al -human.we are al imperfect.
ps-u r nt stpd back den,jz blinded wit puppy luv tats al n u wil alwyz b a gem in peoples heart.

~nadieya~ said...

check out my blog.
u've been tag :)