Thursday, December 09, 2010


what if, i wake up one day.
and i know i have cancer.
and i need a bone marrow.
and my kidney failed on me.
would you still be there with me?
will you donate me a bone marrow?
will you give me your kidney?
will you still love me?
when i am bald and weak, pale.
will you still look at me like you did before?

ps:will you still love me till i die?


g_pentium said...

since u post sumting bout cancer,lemme share sumting tat my 16 year ol couzin goin thru.heard about lymphoma cancer?well its growth from ur nerve which led by corrupted white blood cells.the treatment called chemo is totally hell painfull.

the treatment varys depending on d cancer type.each chemo bottle cost arnd RM10k.if under insurance.tats a relive den.the whole treatment cost arnd RM100k n d duration is painstakingly long,6 to 8 mths.some even fail to make it out frm d treatment.

bout side effects as u said.u could literally pluck out ur hair wit ease.i've been in chemo wad b4 in hospital of the specialist in cancer treatment in msia.the best!and its nt a pretty sight.u cant eat the food u love,u r immunely weak,ur daily life is ruined,u gotta depend on people,parents will be heartbroken,bt there are medical miracles if u treat at early the chances of cancer returning is possible.

plus,a person simply cant donate a bone marrow 2 a cancer patient,the patient body immune might reject.sometimes cant even find a donor.the life of a cancer patient,is nt willing to elaborate further.jz dont dream it.its nt a pretty sight. pray,and appreciate the life we have gt.

ps:dnt wory ur a cupid,love is alwys arnd u dahl..;]
listen to jason darulo-what if

Dahlia Mazelan said...

im so sorry about your cousin.
how was ur cousin?
i watched my sister keeper, and it is about cancer, which i think it is sad, people keep on asking her to fight for it, but she is already tired and she thinks it is time for her to leave. i cried watching that. it just so sad and i cant help but wonder what will happen if i had cancer.

g_pentium said...

yeah heard bout tat movi..cameron diaz in it as well.yet 2 watch it..
he is fine dahl,waiting for his turn 4 another chemo therapy.since he is young,he has tat fighting spirit,im kinda inspired watching him, for his age,he is so confident to pull it ampang is so packed with patients,he has to wait for his turn,due to lack of bed.

cancer is getting worst dahl,nw al type of weird cancers are appearing.its realy shocking.i still rmbr talking to one of leukemia patient infront of my couzin bed,26 year old malay dude.he is married planning 2 hav kids,and suddenly he end up with leukemia.he said 2 me life is so nt fair.sadly he didnt make it.he was a kewl chap.wil never 4get him,bt i feel realy sory for his wife.

watching all this people suffering makes me guilty,why are normal people like us sulking so mch,by nt appreciating our normality tat we have.dont tink bout cancer dahl,be positive,led a healthy lifestyle,watch ur food,the most vital for being fruits n vege more.n sweat it out.exercise.'takdir' plays a big part as well,bt there's alwys prevention rght?

Dahlia Mazelan said...

G: glad to know that ur cousin is getting better. :)
well life is not fair. that is why i was wondering, if i had cancer what will happen? i just dont know what am i gonna do, anything can happen nowadays u know. even the most healthier person will end up with cancer or tumor. we never know what god plans for us. it is just sad.

g_pentium said...

its good u have tat least u can appreciate the simplicity of life and how unpredictable life is,dnt tink much about bout it. we live and die happy,spread love.make the world a better place dahl.dnt worry,god wont put u through tat,cause tis world seriously need a gem lkye u.we al nid u!!!!