Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Sorry, B

too many things happen this December
good ones, bad ones
happy and sad
You and Me
we are always closed
i need you, you need me
I've known you all my life
like I said before, nobody can ever replace you
but i guess things just gets complicated now
I so sad with what happen.
I know I hurt you
but look around you
do you see what I see?
always there, and I hated that.
maybe I needed time
maybe we just can be friends
I don't know what am I doing
is it the right thing?
i don't know
but all I know is I dont want you to be sad
I know you are strong.
It is really hard you know.
but I can't help it
I am too weak to faced THAT with you
when I asked you to choose, you didn't
I was hurt, because I thought you will choose me
I am really confused.
But I think this is the best
I am so sorry if I ever said bad things about you
but I want you to know something
I would never forget US

ps: i cried while posting this post. :'(


♥ Zatie ♥ said...

Why sis :(

Dahlia Mazelan said...

things just get complicated.

Priya Mahalakshmi said...

Well i cant figure out wats the matter..
But cn feel that it had really hurt u..
Be strong gal..

~riena~ said...

what happen dear??