Saturday, December 04, 2010

Letting go

found this somewhere.
(someone's blog)
got me thinking,
letting go is one way of saying 'i love you'?
but i think it is kinda true.
i let go my true love.
even it is hard.
i made it.
this thing is, true love came only once in our life.
and i think i already past that.
i was long 5 years ago since the 1st day i met him.
thank God, he is still around.
close and very supportive in every way.
thank you so much.
see? it is not that bad being friends right?
i kinda like it this way.
simple and no argument happen.


ps: we still play 'guess what song I'm singing' in the car.

1 comment:

SaY_WeLL said...

definitely true..
if u can't be couple, doesnt mean u cant be friend :)