Saturday, February 26, 2011

Remember Me.

just watched 'Remember Me'
alone in the room.
I don't know why, I just feel different tonight.
the movie is a great movie.
i think you should definitely watch it.
its about family, love, trust and a lot more..
i cried a lot too.
emotionally unstable tonight.
I'm sorry.
its been 5 years.
times moves so fast do they.
i just wish everything is getting better.
And you were happier.
thanks alot for everything.
Sometimes, I can't control what I said.
It just came out of nowhere.
I know I said something wrong, but I thought you know me.
how I acted, or said, feels.
I thought you knew.
maybe its my fault.
and I am sorry.
You should have known better.
how I feel.
but I was wrong.
the way you said that
It was wonderful when you know the truth. Perfect
it sounded like, all this time I was lying to you.
which only God knows.
I never did.
What I feels, how I felt.
I told you everything
I am so tired with all this.
Maybe I just should shut up.
and never talk again.
its really up to you with what will happen next.
I just wanna say that, I'm sorry for being a terrible person.
but, i never lie or hesitate when I said
I love you.

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