Saturday, March 19, 2011


hello world. its been a while huh? well I really miss blogging, but I don't really have the time to do so. But here I am. Miss me? I know you don't. well, I do. anyway, midterm was a disaster. i just messed up. i am big mess actually. didnt work out to well this semester, but we never know right? I'm still confused for some reason. I'm lost. I will try to find my way.I'm not prepared for anything yet, i mean studies. I just don't. my heart and mind is somewhere far from studies, books and stuff. blughhh.. how I hate it here. Lendu is a becoming a place that I hated so much right now. I had friends that used to be so close with me but now I heard that they are talking bad things behind my back. Its true when they say, 'friends, they come and go' and 'nothing stays forever.'I can't stand it here. owhh, fast-track. well, im not going. Why wanna rush? take time and finished my diploma first. ok. time for some movie with friends. i just hope everything is going to be fine. bye.

#nowplaying: Come Home - One Republic

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