Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet, Mr Brag Bond.

this is G.
He is like my very own personal mp3 player.
breathing and walking one too.
He is the best.
I told almost everything to him.
My mp3 player.
My buddy.
Thanks G.
never know strangers can end up as best friends.
we dare each other and I still don't reply his vid.
maybe some other time.

ps: do stay cool like this G!

Bye Penang, Welcome back to Lendu, Dahlia

Off to Lendu on Saturday.
night. 12.30am (already Sunday)
so, I guess I will be seeing you people all later.
Raya maybe?
Wish me luck at Lendu.
and hope everything is Ok

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Thanks to Family, friends, lectures and all who supported me,
in all way.
I'll never forget any of you.
Thank you again.
opss. thanks to Lendu too.
owh, and those nescafes, redbulls and maggies.
Sem 4?
here I come.


Monday, May 23, 2011


rambut dah tak macam kat Lendu!
kat Lendu, amat wild!
I must keep my hair tame like this.

The World

its not about you anymore.
get it?
now leave.

ps: some people are desperate to get attention, Badly!


it's free

Julian Casablancas

sapa tak kenal
orang kuat
The Strokes


Satu saja aku pesan.
please wear your perfume.
guys perfume.
turn on kot.
especially satu perfume tu.
please stay away.
kalau aku bau satu perfume tu,
habis kau.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Due Date

I laugh like a laughing machine
Like seriously.
lovin it!

the best quote:
"Dad... You were like a father to me." (Ethan Tremblay, 2010)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Turn upside down.

˙ǝɟıl ʎɯ uı noʎ puɐ noʎ puɐ noʎ ǝɯ ǝʌɐƃ ǝɥ ˙ɥɔnɯ os ǝɯ ǝʌol ǝʌɐɥ ʇsnɯ poƃ

Jazz Hayat

goshh. i juet love his voice.

A. Idols

Haley Reinhart

Scotty McCreery

both are a very beautiful singer
beautiful voice.

Show me Love

ok. this is random.
you know what?
by texting all the time,
saying 'I love you' all the time,
saying 'I miss you' all the time,
and called all the time
is not a way to show love.


by noticing the dislike and like,
all of the facial expression they make,
aware of the little things they done,
give appreciation to the effort
and many more.

don't just say the word of love,
show them.

Friday, May 20, 2011

missing you


Thursday, May 19, 2011

my heart starts beating triple time
With thoughts of lovin' you on my mind

Something stupid

Someone asked me, "Why are you so emotional?"
I stand up proud and answered,
"I am a human, and that is what a normal humans do, they have feelings."

come on, this is life,
you can't be happy all the time.
there are highs and lows in life.
I am a happy when I am,
and emo when I am.

why you have to asked me that stupid question?
you are a robot huh?
no feelings ke?
ayoo, simple thing oso cannot think ar?

Hey Soul Sister (cover)

this is a cover of hey soul sister.
that's all i want to say.
I just love this song!



Something inside of you,
makes me feel so easy inside.
The warmth inside of you,
makes me feel so happy.
You are too special.
My angel.

Always- Blink 182

when I listen to this song,
it reminds me of you.
the lyrics are beautiful.
it really reminds me of you and the past a lot.
listen to the acoustic version by Tatty Zainal please.
my favorite, always.

"I've been here before a few times
And I'm quite aware we're dying
And your hands they shake with goodbyes
And I'll take you back if you'd have me
So here I am I'm trying
So here I am are you ready

Come on let me hold you touch you feel you
Kiss you taste you all night

And I'll miss your laugh your smile
I'll admit I'm wrong if you'd tell me
I'm so sick of fights I hate them
Lets start this again for real"

ps: it is hard when you are not around.


In a relationship,
trusting each other is very important.
When mistrust comes in, love goes out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tie Dye Tee. (second trial)

Wish me Luck!

Tie Dye Tee. (DONE)

Tie the tee
(as you wish)

Prepare the dye
(hot water, salt and dye)

Put the tee in the dye
for 10 minutes each side.
(front and back)

Let it rest for awhile

Rinse it.
(bg kena sunlight, kering kan)

its kinda fade because
it supposed to be in the dye for a few more hours.
but I get too excited.

ps: more to come!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Never Say Goodbye.

I love this song.
so I decided to make a cover
sorry. please where your earphones or headphones.
I know my voice sux.
but who cares?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What if? #2

this is huge.
if I were born with different gender, I would be a boy right?
I would be gay then.
Being a guy is actually kinda fun right?
you don't have to get pregnant, or period every month.
but guys do have a lot of responsibilities.
I must say that I am glad I were born as a girl.

ps: it is hard to be a human actually, tapi syukur. Alhamdulilah.

Sue's Sweethearts

so Sue drop by today.
she brought home these two cute creature.
Fluffy & Panda
too cute right?
Sue gain weight just like her guinea pigs.

Whislist (add on)

[]Fabiric dye. (many,many)
[]Spinner 360 (its a camera btw)
[] White tee. (its for the tie dye tee im making)
[] money (for all the things that i want)

everything pun kena guna duit betul?

ps: bila la aku nak jadi kaya? so that aku bolah jadi creative.


Tie Dye Tee.

coming soon

I'm Lucky

When I think that my world is going upside down,
and I have nobody else to be there with me,
there you are.

When I know that I am useless,
there you are
prove me wrong.

I made a few mistakes here and there.
But you always there.
forgive me in all way.

I am so lucky to know you in my life.
to have you in my life.
knowing that, I never have to walk alone anymore.

my heart is no longer strong.
I can't do this life, not without you around.
together we will be happy
good and bad times we will face with holding hands.

prove me, that I am so lucky to have you around.
I am so lucky.

[someone used to be my everything, my other half, my gulahati, my maharaja and we end up being strangers again. I can't face that anymore]
please, I just wannabe happy again.
ps: I wonder who will make me feel so happy again

Blackberry and Ding-Dong

My sweethearts.
My baby Cats
I love you both.
they are back with me
the guy who took them gave them back yesterday.
with no reason and just put my babies outside the house
without any notice.
In the morning, Papa saw both baby cats were outside the house
the guy who took them away was an ass la.
he should atleast bagi la baby cats balik kat kiteorg.
ni tak. main campak je.
thank God la tak jadi apa-apa kat kucing aku.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today I went out with my mum and lil brother.
I am so bored so i decided to went out as someone different.
So I take my eyeliner and start to draw a mole on my upper lips.
It is kinda random and I didnt plan it at all.
I just wanna try something new.
how was it?

ps: I kinda like it.


my new love
look at that smile at the end.

Huzaifi Hasnol.

this is for you.
You are friendly too.
we sure talk a lot.
Hope we be great friends?

click here for his blog


A crappy day.
Both of my babies are no longer with me
Blackberry and Ding-Dong were given away by my dad
he said that we can't really take care of them
My mum cried. I cried too.
I really missing them now.
How Blackberry used to jump so high as I was holding a piece of chicken
and he was so excited to eat it, so jump just to get a bite of it
And Ding-Dong way of staring people.
so cute with his head slightly to the left or right
but never straight
I miss you guys already.
i heart you both.
i love you.
bye-bye my baby cats.

ps: sumpah aku mesti rindu tgk muka si blackberry & ding-dong tu

What's UP?

One whole day
I've waited.
thank you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jett and TheRock/Bruno Mars wannabe

we had fun.
log in your FB to see this.
and make sure we are friends

We sure had FUN

I love you lil brother!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What if? #1

the game is, 'What if' and today is, 'what if, someone you love, died?'
If someone I love died, I die too.
When He/She died, I don't think I can handle my life anymore.
especially if that someone is my Family or my other half and my close friends.
That is just me.
I can't handle breakups, and now you asking me what if my love died?
I will be one crazy woman and keep on question that why God take him/her away.
why not me.
take me, not them.
I know that 'ajal maut di tangan Allah'
I know I can't question that,
but I can't help it.
I can't face another day knowing that my love one died.

ps: please don't take them away from me, I will die

Tukar tajuk?

I think I should change the name of my blog.
it is kinda corny kan?
"Love my life as Dahlia"?
kan kan?
any ideas people?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love at night

did this when we had photo-camp months ago
lawa kan?

Hello Stranger smiley face

that is just too sweet kan?
i love you too stranger with smiley face

Guardian Angel, all time

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven

'Cause you're my, you're my, my
My true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away

'Cause I'm here for you
Please don't walk away
And please tell me, you'll stay, stay

you used to sing this.
how wonderful was that night

Marry me?

situation: talking about something funny.
people: Ibu, Madina, Mak cik Balqis and me.
Makcik Blaqis: Ina kawin la. Mak bagi Iphone, Ina kawin.
Madina: oww.. mana boleh. bagi kereta la. baru Ina kawin.
Makcik Balqis: Tgk tu. Bagi Iphone la. Kereta buat apa?
Madina: Iphone setakat berapa ribu ja, nak ambik risiko kawin?
me and ibu: (just laugh)
Me: Ibu? Bg lia blackberry, lia kawin. :)
Ibu: Ha??!!
Me: What? its a win-win situation?
Ibu: -.-''

ps: I really think it is a win-win situation. kan?


Toyota Rush is everywhere
like why?
falling in love with Rush here!

something i found

never give up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bangau oh Bangau,
kenapa engkau kurus?

macam mana aku tak kurus,
Ikan tak nak timbul. Ikan tak nak timbul.

Ikan oh Ikan,
kenapa engkau tak timbul?

macam mana aku nak timbul,
Rumput panjang sangat, Rumput panjang sangat.

Rumput oh Rumput,
kenapa engkau panjang?

macam mana aku tak panjang,
Kerbau tak makan aku, Kerbau tak makan aku.

Kerbau oh Kerbau,
kenapa engkau tak makan rumput?

macam mana aku nak makan,
Perut aku sakit, Perut aku sakit

Perut oh Perut,
kenapa engkau sakit?

macam mana aku tak sakit,
makan nasi mentah, makan nasi mentah.

Nasi oh Nasi,
kenapa engkau mentah?

macam mana aku tak mentah.
Kayu api basah, Kayu api basah.

Kayu oh Kayu,
kenapa engkau basah?

macam mana aku tak basah,
Hujan timpa aku, Hujan timpa aku.

Hujan oh Hujan,
Kenapa engkau turun?

macam mana aku tak turun,
Katak panggil aku, Katak panggil aku.

Katak oh Katak,
kenapa engkau panggil hujan?

macam mana aku tak panggil,
Ular nak makan aku, Ular nak makan aku.

Ular oh Ular,
kenapa enkau nak makan katak?

macam mana aku tak makan,
memang makanan aku, memang makanan aku!!!

Bulan oh Bulan

lokasi: Lendu.
Malam itu,
Aku bicara dengan bulan.
Bulan terang malam itu.
Aku duduk di anjung,
dan bicara dengan bulan
Bulan hanya senyum bila aku tak henti-henti menangis
Bulan diam dan hanya senyum
tapi aku tahu.
Bulan dengar. Bulan tahu. Bulan rasa.
malam itu, malam terakhirnya.
aku lepaskan semua kepada bulan.
Terimakasih Bulan.
Kau dengar segalanya.

ps: Malam itu, tak sapa tahu, aku bicara sama bulan

No I dont

Usher - I Can't Win

Do I remind you of the pain
That he put you through, girl
Is that the reason I'm to blame
Before I do it, is it because he treated you badly
I always stand accused? Mmmm

Protecting yourself from somebody else? I'm not who's hurting you!

Girl and it's killing me girl knowing you compare me to him!
Always guilty before the sin
I can't win, I can't win NO!
I'll do anything to prove I love you
Baby girl but I refuse to pay for something I didn't do
I love you girl!
But I refuse to stay paying for his mistakes.

He left a scar across your heart
I understand girl
Don't let his wrongs,
tear us apart,No
Girl I'm your man!
Just because he did you swear I'm cheating
You think I just don't care
Why must I do time For another mans crime
Girl you know that ain't fair No No

And it's killing me girl knowing you compare me to him!
Always guilty before the sin
I can't win,No I can't win!
I'll do anything to prove I love you
Baby girl but I refuse to pay for something I didn't do
I love you girl!
But I refuse to stay...
Paying for his mistakes.

I know he did you wrong
But tell me what does that have to do with me?
Trying to show you something real!
Figure out what is going on
Before you look up and I'll be gone

I'll do anything to prove I love you
Baby girl but I refuse
To pay for something I didn't do
Girl,I love you and I love you I love you
I'll do anything to prove I love you Baby girl
But I refuse to pay for something I didn't do No

I love you Girl
But I refuse to stay paying for his mistakes

ps: i never compare you to him

Monday, May 09, 2011

Itulah sayang

Tanya sama hati

Apa asal sayang
Adakah tandanya nampak dipandang
Kumbang rayu bunga
Bulan dan bintangnya
Punya tanda-tanda hubungan mesra

Tanya sama hati
Pernahkah merindu
Ingat masa lena apa mimpimu
Masa berjauhan
Apa nan dikenang
Bila difahamkan itulah sayang



satu je aku tak berapa nak faham.
lelaki kadang-kadang cakap macam perempuan ni murah sangat.
perempuan pakai sexy, rambut colour-colour, depa cakap BITCH.
tapi kalau perempuan tu baik hati budi nya? BITCH jugak ke?

come on guys.
lelaki kalau jenis yang jahat gila kau tak panggil BITCH, malah kau cakap,
biasa la. Lelaki. we are born this way.
well, jahanam kau.
kau lelaki paling bodoh, sombong yang pernah aku tahu.
kau ingat perempuan pakai sexy, perangai teruk sikit, semua belen-belen kau ke?
you are a jerk.
ada otak guna la.
kau tak ada hak la label sapa-sapa dalam dunia ni.
kau tu bukan Allah.
hanya Allah yang layak.
kau hanya hamba Allah yang keji dan jijik.
kau tak ada hak.

pantang betul aku tengok muka kau la sial.

Tak Wujud

selepas semalam.
aku sedar.
hati bagai di sentap dari diri. dipijak-pijak, disumbat kembali dalam diri.
hati lagi. selalu hati yang sakit.
aku mungkin tak sama lagi
hati mungkin tak sama lagi
aku sedar, yang aku bodoh rupanya.
bodoh kerana percaya kepada kau yang tak pernah wujud.
kau hanya ada dalam hati, otak aku.
bukan dalam dunia nyata.
kau hanya imaginasi aku.
kekal hanya di sana.
jangan pernah percaya kata hati
mungkin bawa mati

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hands Down


What happen today

well, we supposed to celebrate Mother's day right?
but yeah...
I am so sorry Ibu.
I didn't get you anything, i just give you a kiss.
I really wanted to give you a new purse or heels or handbag.
but I am so poor now. not even a single cash in my purse.
I really wanted to bring you to a very nice restaurant, had dinner together.
laugh and smile all night.
but instead, we had KFC takeaway and watch funny people.
I promise, one day, one day ibu, I can make all your dreams come true.
I love you.

Paper Lanterns (1st try)

the mini one!
gonna try out the others.
wish me luck.

Lee Ryan

Always had this crush on him

Joan Jett

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Give me some light

all i need is some light
in my life


I just love acoustic songs.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Don't be such a freak.

I know this one guy, few months ago.
He was ok, not until now.
he is so freaking weird.
I am afraid of him
He keeps on texting me saying that he love me and stuff.
Ok, dude.
I dont love you. not even a bit.
Yes, we were friends.
but I really dont love you.
get that?
My heart belongs to someone else.
and I dont think we can be friends anymore.
dont you dare to even show me your face.
dont come to my house, or SUGAQ
I am totally afraid of you.
please just leave me alone.
I'm sorry, if you mean no harm, but I must say this.
You are just a friend to me.
not more.
I'm sorry.

Ps: why it has to be this way, we can be friends but seeing you like this, i dont want to take risk

Paper Lanterns!!

I am so in love!
love. love. love.

trying to make one of this.
ok, maybe a few

Happy Mother's Day

dear mom, I love you all my life and all my heart.
there is nothing more I could never ask for more.
Having You in my life, who had been supporting me in everything that I've done,
was gift for me.
Thank you IBU.
I love you, always and forever.

Yuna Memo

such an inspiration!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kiss on my list- Hall & Oates

My friends wonder why I call you all of the time
What can I say
I don't feel the need to give such secrets away
You think maybe I need help, no I know I'm right all right
I'm just better off not listening to friends' advice
When they insist on blowing my bliss
I tell them this
When they want to know what the reason is
I only smile when alive, and I tell them why
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
Because (your kiss is on my list) of the best things in life
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss I can't resist
(Because your kiss is what I miss) when I turn off the light
I go crazy wondering what there is to really see
Did the night just take up your time, 'cause it means more to me
Sometimes I forget what I'm doing, I don't forget what I want, I want
Regret what I've done, regret you? I couldn't go on
But if you insist on blowing my bliss
I'll tell you this
If you want to know what the reason is
I only smile when alive, then I'll tell you why
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
Because (your kiss is on my list) of the best things in life
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss I can't resist
(Because your kiss is what I miss) when I turn off the light
I really miss
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss is on my list) of the best things in life oh babe
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss I can't resist
(Because your kiss is what I miss) when I turn off the light
(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(Because your kiss) your kiss I can't resist
(Because your kiss is on my list) of the best things in life

No String Attached

Just watched this movie 2days back
It is really a good movie.
it is about this two people
Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher
they are in love, but Natalie don't wanna be serious.
it is because of her past.
It's a happy ending movie btw.

ps: I've never feel like this before.

A day out with Double A

we when to the beach
Straits Quey
Queensbay Mall
lots of kedai mamak
(tembikai laici and three layer tea)

thanks Aiza and Acap.
we are kinda crazy that day.
especially time jerit-jerit nama
sapa suruh cabar aku
pantang dicabar weyy