Friday, May 06, 2011

Don't be such a freak.

I know this one guy, few months ago.
He was ok, not until now.
he is so freaking weird.
I am afraid of him
He keeps on texting me saying that he love me and stuff.
Ok, dude.
I dont love you. not even a bit.
Yes, we were friends.
but I really dont love you.
get that?
My heart belongs to someone else.
and I dont think we can be friends anymore.
dont you dare to even show me your face.
dont come to my house, or SUGAQ
I am totally afraid of you.
please just leave me alone.
I'm sorry, if you mean no harm, but I must say this.
You are just a friend to me.
not more.
I'm sorry.

Ps: why it has to be this way, we can be friends but seeing you like this, i dont want to take risk


MiSs aNySs said...

kiter bakor jer!

s.u.h.a said...

dia tak faham maksud kawan.

nanad said...

i soooooo agree with this.. when it involves feelings, mmg friendship tu akn ruin by itself. esp kalu jns org yg ta fhm da ta rs lebih dr kwn still na bug mcm tu. urgh rimas kalu jd cmni..