Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Lucky

When I think that my world is going upside down,
and I have nobody else to be there with me,
there you are.

When I know that I am useless,
there you are
prove me wrong.

I made a few mistakes here and there.
But you always there.
forgive me in all way.

I am so lucky to know you in my life.
to have you in my life.
knowing that, I never have to walk alone anymore.

my heart is no longer strong.
I can't do this life, not without you around.
together we will be happy
good and bad times we will face with holding hands.

prove me, that I am so lucky to have you around.
I am so lucky.

[someone used to be my everything, my other half, my gulahati, my maharaja and we end up being strangers again. I can't face that anymore]
please, I just wannabe happy again.
ps: I wonder who will make me feel so happy again

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