Saturday, May 14, 2011


A crappy day.
Both of my babies are no longer with me
Blackberry and Ding-Dong were given away by my dad
he said that we can't really take care of them
My mum cried. I cried too.
I really missing them now.
How Blackberry used to jump so high as I was holding a piece of chicken
and he was so excited to eat it, so jump just to get a bite of it
And Ding-Dong way of staring people.
so cute with his head slightly to the left or right
but never straight
I miss you guys already.
i heart you both.
i love you.
bye-bye my baby cats.

ps: sumpah aku mesti rindu tgk muka si blackberry & ding-dong tu


Say Well said...

Kucing kau ke ? takder pic ?

Dahlia Mazelan said...

nanti aku letak pic. sumpah comel gila! :((