Thursday, May 12, 2011

What if? #1

the game is, 'What if' and today is, 'what if, someone you love, died?'
If someone I love died, I die too.
When He/She died, I don't think I can handle my life anymore.
especially if that someone is my Family or my other half and my close friends.
That is just me.
I can't handle breakups, and now you asking me what if my love died?
I will be one crazy woman and keep on question that why God take him/her away.
why not me.
take me, not them.
I know that 'ajal maut di tangan Allah'
I know I can't question that,
but I can't help it.
I can't face another day knowing that my love one died.

ps: please don't take them away from me, I will die

1 comment:

Azi Huhu said...

my friend tgh go through bnd ni, sumpah kesihan gila kat dia, i tak tau nak advice apa lagi. dia cm sgt tak strong skrg ni :(