Sunday, August 28, 2011

cake pops

senang je nak buat
senang je n

blog is back.

tertekan enter tadi.
i will start to blog back because, this is what i love.
but because of some (a lot) reasons i dont blog anymore.
maybe this time, i'll post more about how i see the world
and more about having a good time.
no more emo post ok Dali?
hello world.
you guys can call me Dali.
owhh, I'm a leo.
so i rawr.

Rock Candy

this is a must have.
oh, it can be home made too.
wanna try?


I don't enjoy my life as a student anymore.
since these past few semesters, i felt rather plain about being a student.
No, its not that i dont like it there, which i really hate
No, not about the people there.
No, not the assignments.
but something
something is missing.

so, i guess after i graduate, i want to work.
but i cant, such a waste for not going to degree.
how la.
i really fed up with my life as a student.
maybe i should change my environment.
be more, bold.

To do list : (part 2)

1#Learn to bake.
2# do more tie dye
3# play the guitar like Marielle Cortez. (idola baru)
4# be creative.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

susun sepuluh jari
memohan ampun
dari hujung rambut
ke hujung kaki

maaf zahir & batin


Friday, August 26, 2011

please don't mention it

a lot of people keep on asking me why you are not together with your bf anymore.
seriously, stop asking me that question.
because everytime you people asked me that simple question,
my heart starts to crack
i am trying to pick up the pieces, dont make this hard.
things changed now.
but you know what?
its ok. because i know
someday, i'll be happy again.
just not now.
its not my time yet.
life fuck us all right?

but please, dont mention it again.
i might aswell just kill you people.


just love her voice


Hello all. How are you people?
I'm back in Penang for raya.
well too many things in mind now, but I'm gonna be just great.
take care now.
I just wanna say, that i miss blogging like the old times.
must get a new inspiration.

ps: i know God had plans for me. All of us. Amin

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Chapter in Life

I know I've been so emo this few days.
so so emo.
and still is.
this it the healing process.
but i know that is the new chapter in my life
no used crying over spilled milk
so here i am
trying to pick up the pieces.
please make this easy on me.
crying is no longer acceptable.
But fight for it is.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Too Much

Sorry, I know its been awhile.

i just dont know what to blog anymore