Wednesday, May 23, 2012

vince kidd

ohh, i just love love love ur voice!!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Homemade Apple Pie

Today is labor day,
and it was such a slow day.
so i decided to make an apple pie.
with the help of ibu,yesterday we went to buy apples and
 the other ingredients are already in hand
I've been planning to bake this since last month,
 but i dont get the time to do so.
i was all over the place with knitting and baking cookies.
blame my 'creativeness' all the sudden
to me it tasted so so good.
papa said it is too sweet, for him.
mom said it tasted just nice, and sedap
well, now im waiting for iskandar to have a bite.

cinnamon powder ,apples ,lemon juice,sugar, eggs, 
salt, nutmeg, (which i didnt use) all purpose flour
 and pastry dough.

how i wish SAASA was here.
we can bake this together.

ps: i wanna bake something else plak la afta this :)