Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello, im back.

its been a while right?
so hello.
so far, my life had been too good to be true.
i found that i deserved better.
i am in love with SAASA,
my family are still the best.
and SAASA's family is now my family too.
how life changed me.
they changed how i see in life.
i am now, so so happy and nothing can gets better than this. 
Syukur Alhamdulillah.
Allah maha Besar.
He gave me these people in my life.
He makes me believed.
Now i am much more alive than years ago.
i got so much to tell.
and i will.
i just need some time more before i could start o write again.
I just wanna say, 
how much i am grateful to have Ibu, Papa, Sue, Is, Adil, Aba, Mak, Hamzah and Adil's siblings.
they are great.

ps: all the old posts will be deleted soon.