Sunday, January 13, 2013

Galaxy shoe

this is my black rubi shoe that i bought a few years ago.
see what i did there.
i am so excited so me and iskandar when to our roof
and we start making theseee.
he did this on his vans and i did on my rubi shoe
*yg tapak dah nk terkeluar
just trial because we dont wanna mess up our new good looking shoe.
so now, we could because it actually turns out great!
i am super excited and next, 
i got some tees, lets bleach em again.

ps: it actually looks good live. in pictures, not so much. i wonder why?


Fatimah Ali said...

how'd u do that? cantik.

Dahlia Mazelan said...

i guna acrylic paint and i belajar how to do it on youtube. hehe. try la. :)