Sunday, January 13, 2013


i think this really cute and funny too
you know, since everyone is trying so hard to be a hipster
and they claim that they are not hipster because that would be too mainstream 
funny how life can be right? 
i was so bored the other day ,
so i googled 'hipster' and i found this.
yeah it took me awhile before i blog this because i've been busy with life.
the same routine everyday.
but thank Allah, i have my family and Adil 
they really know how to make my day ends with a smile on my face before bed.

not just that, i am here to tell that this is my creative month
i had a few things on my mind and i thought that, 
'hey, lets do this!'
and yes, adil, ibu and iskandar are really supportive.
they layan kan je perangai aku ni.
nak buat tu ni.
well what can i say, 
i got it from my mama!
*start singing to BEP

anyways, time for song songs before bed.
goodnight and rest well.

song for tonight: if it makes you happy by sheryl crow

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