Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Absolute freedom of the new media would bring harm to social harmony

New Media is an on-demand to content, anywhere, anytime, anyplace and any issue that the users can receive on any digital devices and people can interact with each other at any time they want. For example, facebook, blogger, twitter, any chat room space and so much more. New media is growing rapidly throughout the whole world and this had becoming a problem to the society.

In the internet, anyone from everywhere could convey their point of view on an issue or a give out a statement without feeling guilt, or even care that what they wrote are right or wrong. The writers or users just write what they feel and some lied just to make others believe in what they are telling.

The old media, such as the newspapers are much more reliable than the new media because, they have editors and gatekeepers that will make sure what the journalist wrote are true and make sure that the news or information given are sensitive to the readers. While in the new media, the writers are not qualified writers and he or she could use fouling words in the writing which are not following the rules of journalism.

The society that are using new media, somehow convinced almost everything that they read in the internet because they believe that the new media is the new way of the society to speak their mind and the freedom of speech. They did not notice that without proper investigation on an issue, they cannot just absorb the information and judge without knowing the truth first. Number of societies, they are promptly to be hypnotized by media that tend to inflict anger, unpleasant, etc feelings. Moreover, some articles comprising libelous statement where could defamed the victims.

This will bring so much harm to the society. The people will question about everything because what they read in the new media are not the same with what the television or the newspapers. Not just that, in facebook, where people can post anything and say anything they want, can cause disagreements among society and this can lead to fights and riots. Especially in politics, which we all know that it is very sensitive to discuss but in the new media, anyone can post anything they want and say horrible things to each other.

On the picture above, we can see that the public are using fouling words and statements but do we really know who is behind all this? Are the fan page are genuine? See how the society commented on the post? They hate each other without knowing who the real admin for the fan page is and just assume that it is real.  

In the nutshell, the new media is a good way to share ideas and gaining information  but we must know how to use it well. With the proper way of using the new media, our social harmony will not be in danger but we will be one develop nation. Society must be smart in choosing what to believe and make an effort to study about the issue before jumping into conclusion. 

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