Friday, May 31, 2013

Safe Heaven

2 nights ago, i watched this movie with ibu.
such a good movie.
youguys sould watched it.
i gave 4 stars.
it is kinda sad movie too.


i really need a new hair style.
like really new hair style.
getting bored with this hair.
tapi sayang nak potong.
i always have dilemma. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Raisa - Terjebak Nostagia

such a pretty face with a beautiful voice

I have this thing

i just love Bruno Mars
like too much
Adil knows it.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Lateral Thinking: Mobile Class

           Have you ever feel tired of wake up from bed to class that is in the morning, at 8.30 am, but you have to wake up at 6.00 am to get ready because you want to skip all the traffics? not time to sit down with your family to have breakfast? Well, with the new era of globalization, I think we can stop all of the hectic in the morning by having a mobile class. Yes, mobile class. Usually the students will come to the class, but in mobile class, the class comes to the students.      
     Impossible?  No I don’t think so. The students always late to class and they gave a lot of reasons such as, the traffic, he or she stays far from the campus, or even they have transport difficulty. This is hard for the students since they are not living at the same housing area. With mobile class, there is no more reason, since all the students have to do is wait at their homes, or hostels and wait till the mobile class picks them up.

            The traffic in the morning is one of the main reasons why students are late to class. Due to the time where those who are working also need to go to work, the students need to go to class, this just will cause traffic jammed. With mobile class, the student doesn't need to go to class and they don’t need to drive to the campus, which this will reduce traffic jammed.Not just that, effective learning comes when students are exposed to different environment when they study. With mobile class, the teacher or the lecture can take the students to an appropriate place and together both the teacher and the students can learn something new. The classroom is such a boring place when every day the students and the teacher or lecture have to  faced the same atmosphere and this will decrease the creativity level of both parties.         
    This is a good way to start a new learning style. With this, not only the students, even the lectures and teachers will be excited to class and the bonding between the students and the lecture will be closer since they will remember everyone’s names and where they live. Not just that, the lecture or the teacher will be more relaxed while teaching since the rules will be a little loose given that the class will not be in the campus area. 

ps: this is an assignment for my online journalism. i know my writing is bad, but whatever. :)