Friday, February 07, 2014


its been a while since i wrote something here. 
yes, i've been busy with my lie as a student.
i have no time to write anymore. but i guess now i must start to write back.
my blog is where i wrote everything since years ago.
i will never stop writing.

i know i wrote things that sometimes means nothing to the people out there
but it means a lot to me.
this is where i will go to when i need to go back to read on my past
i know i will grow old and miss my past
this is where im gonna go.

hello blog
i miss you.

btw, its been a week now since my trip to langkawi with Adil and his family
it was a blast
i had so much fun
thankyou Adil and family
1st time to langkawi
i know, lame.
we went island hopping, shopping and the food there was amazing!
the beach, the sand, the sea

gosh. so beautiful.
again thankyou baby.

ps: i really had a good time with family. :)