Wednesday, March 16, 2016

First Date

Have you ever been on a first date
That you really feel like this is it
Both of you 'clicked'

It was simple

You talked for hours and laugh all night
Nothing to hide
 Nothing to be afraid of
Just looking at each other
Saying things that don't even make any sense
But it make sense to us

The whole night is just perfect
Drinks after drinks
Nothing was in the way
Only time
As it is getting late

You don't want it to end
You want to talk to each other
Its like you've known each other for years
And so much to catch on

I felt that
Only with you
We know
We are meant to be
You are my other half
The one i search high & low

No one can replace you
Everyone knows that

Things that happen
We can't undo
Just be happy now
I hope you find someone who loves you
the way i do

ps: being in love with you is hard. But letting you go, a part of me died.